The Apulian Music International Festival restores the cultural and above all musical ties between Japan and Apulia. Thanks to the works of major Apulian composers, these ties lead to a cultural contamination which creates unique and fascinating atmospheres and emotions.

The events, concerts, masterclasses and art and traditional Japanese dance exhibitions mingle with the program of the Traetta Opera Festival, the international event that originates in Bitonto, the birthplace of Tommaso Traetta – innovator of the melodrama and precursor of Mozart – and is closely linked to the cultural project AMIFest.

A region known for its hospitality, Apulia welcomes in its majestic theatres and cathedrals artists, students and enthusiasts from Japan, a country that shows great appreciation of art and music.

Thanks to the Japanese coming to Bitonto and all the other Apulian cities involved in the AMIFest and the Traetta Opera Festival, Apulia is now proudly international.